Tools Development

IView Solutions proven track record for developing and maintaining critical business analytic applications comes from working and developing for organizations in the most demanding industries, including BFSI, manufacturing, retail and e-commerce. We maintains a Business Analytics (BA) Center of Excellence (CoE) focused on BA best practices, development and consulting. We provide this deep technology experience for a myriad of tools, applications and platforms, including:


Powerful tools and development resources designed to support Big Data Projects:  


Data Repository/Infrastructure Development:


Technologies for central data storage to support data analytics including HDFS, S3, large scale RDMS, NoSQL Database


Business Analytics and Business Intelligence Utilities:


Tools and solutions for analysis, including Database Analytics, Hadoop Map Reduce; R, Visualization tools (Tableau, Spotfire)


Application & Integration Support:


Designed to prepare and convert data, connecting the utilities that produce, exchange or access data, such as Clickstream data; logs; text and video; surveys; location data; ERP; CRM; Operational and Logistical systems


Online/Internet/Social Media:

Strategies, utilities and development for access and analysis of the Internet universe, such as Linkedin, Facebook, Zynga, YouTube, Twitter, Pintrest, Instagram and public data sources



Resources to build operational systems, which enable the models created by analysis, including implementing systems for e-commerce, sales and marketing initiatives


Big Data Solution Lifecycle

Big data is somewhat difficult to manage using relational database management systems and typical desktop statistics and visualization packages. Big data can require parallel software solutions running on multiple servers, with success or failure depending on the capabilities of the organization attempting to manage it and with the capabilities of the applications that are traditionally used to process and analyze the data in its domain. Successful development, solutions and tools from We can manage an organization's big data through the entire lifecycle: