IT Training and Staffing

iView Frameworks is a global consulting and training solutions provider in the area of IT Service Management and IT Governance Best Practices. Our services and expertise is unique and end to end in a simple, cost effective and secure way across the enterprise for greater business results. Our focus on all our services lies with "Business – IT Alignment" and "Effective IT Governance" which revolves around our solutions.

IView Solutions has well established an IT human resources system which is composed of the mature recruiting processes, global staffing channels, and seasoned recruiting engineers. Together with HR Training and HR Attrition system, USE has built one resource supply chain (RSC) to provide you with a long term services on various quality resources.

With four years'rapid development, IView Solutions has built up its capability in IT consulting in industries like finance, telecom, logistics, and real estate, etc.; cultivated its core technology system with its developed and improved "IView Solutions Global Application Platform" (USE-GAP), and founded Global Delivery Model effectively with the strategies of localization and standardization. With its 8 branches worldwide and 1000+ global employees, IView Solutions has been developed to be global software and IT services provider with overall services ranging from system consulting to software development and project delivery.

IView Solutions has great advantage in IT Training & Staffing with not only full knowledge of standardized process and regulations in software engineering, but also its unique practical methodology and tools accumulated from years of industry practice, and rich experience in operation of large software development project and management of development team. To share our experience and practice among IT industries in China and train needed superior software engineering and management talents, IView Solutions will launch its overall IT Talents Training Plan around the country.

In accordance with the status-quo of the development of IT industries in China, IT Talents Training Plan launched by IView Solutions will provide both systematic theory education and practical experience in project operation.

The Training Plan will be customized according to different objects with diversified levels.

The Training Plan will be based on prevailing international standard of CMMI and ITSM to meet the need of internationalized software development and match the employment requirements of cross state enterprises.

The Training Plan will cover the whole life cycle of software engineering and all facets of software engineering management,including requirement analysis, structure design, code construction, software testing, system maintenance, application configuration management, software engineering management, software quality, etc.

The lecturers will be experienced project managers and software quality managers who will share their first hand experience with trainees.

The training program will be based on case study of the projects accumulated in business practice of IView Solutions, with the whole training set in authentic working environment. Trainees will not only be able to experience every step of the process of the projects in person, but share the whole operation process and management tools.