Software Solutions

We are a boutique software consulting firm based in Chennai, INDIA. Founded on a low-overhead, cost-efficient approach to software consulting, successful delivery and implementation is our primary goal, but that success is only obtained through close, open, and honest relationships with clients. If you are looking for something different in your consulting relationship, learn more about us or get in touch. We may just change your definition of what software consulting is all about.

Refreshing take on software consulting
Lean. Cost-efficient. Relationship driven. Not terms typically associated with the current software consulting industry. IView Solutions is on a mission to empower their clients and redefine the experience that people have come to expect when engaging a software consultant

High value with low overhead
IView Solutions provides a low-overhead approach to software consulting. We've stripped away the layers that add unnecessary costs to projects to provide cost-efficient solutions that keeps projects on budget and profit margins healthy.

No fear in your software relationship
People fear change, even when it comes to an outdated and inefficient software solution. Conquer you fear with the caring support and direction you'll get from IView Solutions. We'll be with you every step of the way as you maximize the potential of what your software can do for your business.

Consulting Services In addition to having over 20 years of leading edge design and development experience, the principals at SSC have extensive project management background. We know that quality work, delivered on time and on budget, is the key to both our client's and our success. We pride ourselves on meeting customer deadlines with work that fits the project requirements. We have experience managing million dollar development projects and delivering them on schedule.

The SSC principals are seasoned business oriented professionals who understand that project requirements are seldom static. We know that your customers often have rapidly changing needs and have a genuine interest in understanding your business so that we can help you anticipate the demands of changing markets.

FFW's ITIL implementation methodology consists of following stages:
• Awareness about ITIL (Training)
• Gap analysis of existing processes (Consulting)
• Process Planning
• Project Implementation
• Verification

What Type of Development, Industries and Experience?
● Custom Applications
● Systems Integration
● Database Applications
● Retail
● Manufacturing
● Back Office Administration & Accounting
● EPOS Solutions
● Accounting
● Business Intelligence
● Work Flow
● System Integration