Offshore Software Development Process

An increasing number of organizations are choosing to outsource software development and maintenance, and establishing their own dedicated ODC is becoming a preferred approach for many organizations. This has the advantage of providing a cost effective solution and giving complete control to the organization, thus allowing the organization to focus its core resources on its core business.


This approach can present some special challenges, such as:


- Investment capital
- Business registration and operation
- Infrastructure issues, security, and telecommunications
- Training
- Recruitment and staffing
- Cultural adjustments.


Recognizing these issues, Hundsun has developed a practice area designed to provide solutions for these challenges and greatly simplify the process of establishing an offshore ODC. Hundsun enters into partnerships with these organizations in which Hundsun takes responsibility for many of these challenges with a planned transition to full management responsibility and ownership by the partner. Many of the challenges faced in establishing an ODC correspond to special skills and resources available to Hundsun and which can be delivered to the ODC and the client based on Service Level Agreements.


Hundsun has supported several prominent international companies in implementing ODCs.


Some features and benefits of this approach include:


Upfront investment is minimized
As a prominent Chinese company, Hundsun can greatly ease administrative and cultural adaptation and burden through existing resources, staff and our professional network
Our modern 250,000 sq ft facility, designed to exacting international requirements for operating a software center is the perfect, low risk starting point
Shared responsibility and shared risk
Hundsun has a nation-wide recruiting network, geared to respond to substantial recruiting needs
Best practices such as our Quality Management System, policies and procedures and our HR practice can be transplanted for use by our client