For decades, iView Solutions has served companies worldwide in the oil and gas, nuclear, government, maritime and insurance sectors, as well as working with clients in associated industries. We offer a number of industry-tailored services in the areas of safety, risk and integrity management.

• Chemical & Petrochemical
• Government
• Insurance
• Oil & Gas
• Maritime
• Nuclear
• Renewable/Wind Energy
• Mining
• Other Industries

Software Solutions

As a global leader in safety, risk and integrity management, iView Solutions understands the challenges organizations face. We are innovators in developing technology solutions to help clients foresee incidents that might cause interruptions to operations and help them recover from natural and man-made disasters.

Our staff remains current as to industry trends through a variety of ways, including research and development (R & D), Joint Industry Partnerships, Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs) and risk management technical committees, panels and boards.

From root cause analysis to emergency planning and response, our user-friendly software is developed from proven field experience. Our tools for data gathering and analysis, trending, management and reporting present information in a customizable interface.